I’ve got something to say…

2 Jul

I am a blogger. Seriously? As if I needed to add another thing to my already over calorie laden plate. But here I am. Why? Well, it goes back to what got me in trouble as a young child in school. The note home read, “She is a great student but talks too much.” When my West Indian father asked me about that note, I said without flinching,” I have something to say.”  Well, I guess this blog is no different.

I know you are wondering what makes me different from all the rest of those in the blog world?  I am not sure. But I can tell you who I am. I am a thirty-something wife, and mother of three(5, 3, and 1 respectively). I am a former city gal living in a small rural community in South Carolina.  I run two businesses-one where I design beaded jewelry, the other is media consulting/marketing. I know, I know polar opposites? But not really.  In both fields you are taking a blank slate and creating something beautiful. It’s the creative process that keeps me in sane in all the things going on in my life.  Besides raising the next generation of world changers, my husband and I are also very active in ministry. I may share on that here from time to time.

One thing I really want you to know it is my intention to remain very honest and transparent.  For some people you may be uncomfortable with my openess, however for me it’s therapeutic. (lol).  While you may not agree with me that’s ok, because its my blog(smile). 

 So how did I come up with the name? I am so glad you asked. I was playing around taking pictures of myself on my cell phone, while all chaos was breaking out around me with the kids(mom’s know what I am talking about here) I posted them on Facebook and people responded. Jokingly, I said I was a SuperMOMdel, living the super sized life of grace.  I thought I am on to something here. So I finally decided to take the leap. Who is the Super MOMdel? She is the woman who realizes she can’t do it all, some days she may miss it but knows how to ask for God’s grace, the woman who uses her gifts and talents for others, who puts on the appearance of strength but late at night cries out for a double dose the next day, she is the woman whether married, single or divorce realizes there  really isn’t a “Superwoman” just a woman who knows where her abilities really come from.

Thank you for taking the time to join me on this journey as we strut down the runway of life together.

In His (super) Grace,

Ro 🙂


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