It’s getting HOT out there

12 Jul

I’ve been blessed to have lived in five states, Michigan, Georgia, New Jersey, New York and now South Carolina.  I have survived record winters, almost blizzard like, wicked summer storms and humid hot weather.  I am one not to really complain about the weather.  Why? It’s part of the cycle, just how Christ designed it.  I also try not to complain because I worked in television news where we covered the weather and lots of it.  I often had to answer the phone, listen to people complain about the weather and blame the meteorologist.  This is something I never understood because he’s not responsible, he just reports it.  

Currently, I live in South Carolina. I have been a “Southern Belle” for close to a decade.  I will admit I (heart) sweet tea and grits.  However, one thing I have not gotten use to and do not love about my Southern state is this heat and humidity.  Forecasters say temperatures today will be 100 degrees but with the heat index it will feel like 111. Great Day, now that is hot!  That’s southern for Good Lawd, help me Jesus it’s really hot!

One of my friends, who is a television reporter is on the heat beat today.  She called me to joke about my Facebook status which read as follows:

has decided she AND the children will be in the house ALL day enjoying the ac. #chocolate melts

I told my friend hunkered down inside the house the kids and I will be for the remainder of the day.  The children have a small kiddie pool which could get a lot of use today however we won’t be out there.  My attitude today whatever done outside will have to come indoors today.  Hide and seek-inside, pool time-inside, tag-inside, eating ice-cream-inside, I think you get where I am coming from.  When it is hot like this you really can’t enjoy the great outdoors.  At least I can’t.  The kids like it for a while and they start complaining, I am fanning myself with a mean face meanwhile all I am thinking is how these children are sweating, needing yet another bath.  Thanks but no thanks. Nevermind.  We will be relaxing inside under one of man’s greatest inventions… the air conditioner.

In His (Super) Grace


PS. whelp, if I did not know already, today’s weather confirms it, I gotta make sure I have my ticket on the heavenly express. All Abroad!


2 Responses to “It’s getting HOT out there”

  1. Able 2 See July 12, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    Amen! As one of Kennedy songs say, “We’re going to a mansion on the Happy Day Express. The letters on the engine are J-E-S-U-S!”

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