For Best Supporting Cast… The Emmy Goes To?

22 Sep

I must admit, I missed the Emmy’s on television Sunday night.  I simply forgot.  I really don’t watch for the actual awards but the Red Carpet dresses anyway.   Today’s blog post is not about the actual awards show but about my own stellar all-star cast.

Who do you think deserves one of these?

I started thinking about the show and its categories… especially Best Supporting Actress.  I am not really sure what that person does, I guess support the lead?  Can you tell I do not watch enough Emmy shows?  Anyway, I started thinking about the “supporting cast” I have in my own life. I am a very busy but blessed woman. I am a wife, mother of three toddlers, church leader, blogger and owner of two growing businesses. This list does not included the committees, boards and service projects I am also a part of.  Did I also mention I am a daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, aunt  and friend.  I know what you are thinking  just cut some of the stuff off of your list.  I wish. No, actually I don’t.  I am more productive when pulled in many directions.  Truly if you speak to the people who really know me, they would say this lifestyle is really my make-up.  I have never been a stay-at-home mom solely. Although I see nothing wrong with that, it is not how God created me and I have peace with that.  In fact, if you were to talk to some of my friend who have known me since college they would say I was the woman who would stay up until 4am working on the campus newspaper, get maybe two hours of sleep go to class and then go work at my internship.  So this is innate.

However, in order to do all I do, I need a strong support system.  There are so many people I could name but I want to personally highlight a few. Similar to the Emmy’s I have a small window of time and I want to thank everyone before they cue the music.

On a side note:  Can you imagine how nerve wrecking it is to know your time is up and you have not even made it through your list? Talk about stress! Well if I was in charge in handing out the golden girls called “Emmy” I would give them to the following:

First, an Emmy goes to my husband who doles out more grace than I think anyone would actually care to give me.  He is a servant in every sense of the word.  And honestly, a much better cook than me. Don’t tell him I said that.

To my parents who at a young age always supported my love for the arts, involved in everything from  Girl scouts to dance.  They are wonderful grandparents and at any moments notice will drop or change their own plans in order to accommodate whatever going on in our lives.  To my spiritual parents-My Pastors who challenge, make me mad, hold me accountable and give it to me straight. They also teach me how to live a life of faith and have always supported any endeavor I started. I am eternally grateful for them.

To  my other family and friends who take the pressure off my life, who pour out and give instead of always taking, for encouraging me, loving me even when I am not so loveable, for listening and most importantly praying. I am appreciative of your love, you know who you are.  This Emmy goes to all of you! You really deserve so much more!

So, here is your turn. Who would you give an Emmy to?

In His Super Grace

Ro 🙂


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