My Stare Down with FEAR!

25 Oct

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The past week I dealt with FEAR. And I won. I thought about not succeeding, I thought about giving up, I felt like where I am going was so far away from my present. I was overwhelmed.   My dream for financial freedom, leaving a legacy for my children and doing something that may have never been done would frankly never happen!  I have always had this dream of doing something dynamic. I mean something that really makes a mark on the world. I know who doesn’t?  But since I was a 7-year-old girl I believed God told me there was significance to my life although at the time my life did not feel that significant.  During the dark times and storms of life I have kept that thought close to my heart.  We are game changers that is why God created us!  Believe it or not people, the world is waiting on us to manifest.

I have a lot of dreams.  I want financial freedom. I want my children to never know what debt is. I want to set up financial wealth for the next generation, I want success in the craft industry and in media and marketing. I want, I want, I want.  But above all I want I truly desire in everything I do for Christ glory to shine that people may come to know Him.  So that thought brings me to this past week of feeling like being a Momprenuer was impossible.  How did I defeat it? Here are the 5 things I did to conquer FEAR:

  1.   Remind myself about Christ’s promises: God loves me and has a good plan for me. (Jeremiah 29:11)
  2.  Deal with the negative thoughts: Silence the negative self talk replace with God’s word.
  3.  Worship God; Get Wisdom: I spent time in Thanksgiving to God. The Lord already knows what I need so I did not bombard heaven with this requests rather Thanking God and asking Him for wisdom. (Philippians 4:6)
  4. Deal with the time issue: I continually remind myself time is not a bad thing. Time is a boundary, God created for me and not against me.  Waiting is just more of an opportunity for me to continue to stand AND believe.
  5.  Partnership: My Pastor-Bishop Benjamin has said for years, “If you are doing anything significant and it does not require people, well it’s not that significant.” I realized my dream is bigger than me, bigger than my family. I needed a partnership.  But that requires RISK and no one likes to do that, right? I had to once again rely on scriptures specifically Joshua 1:8. I must be very strong and very courageous! 

I took that risk as I stated earlier in my points for conquering fear.  I have learned over the years when I am “afraid” that is when I should move.  We often have this thought if we can get over the fear then we will move, but let me tell you it is the opposite. Do it afraid, my friend! LIVE beyond your personal boundaries and stare FEAR right in the face!

Praying for you, your partner on this journey of His Super Grace



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