Why Shop Small?

26 Nov
Support Small Business

Today is the 2nd annual Small Business Saturday®, a day dedicated to supporting small businesses on one of  the busiest shopping weekends of the year.  Millions are asked to shop small at their favorite local business to help fuel the economy ultimately creating a huge impact.  I have been a “real” business owner for almost a year.  I use the word “real” because before I started taking myself seriously I ran my business like a hobby, thus, it produced like a hobby.  But when I seriously invested my time and resources things changed.  I don’t have all of it perfect but I am learning a lot and I like it.

Growing up I never owned as much as a lemonade stand. Anything that had to do with my business really intimidated me.  Seriously, I cringe just balancing the checkbook. But my Pastor who is an entrepreneur and my husband encouraged me when I left my life as a television news producer to start my business.  I have always loved creating.  It actually is one of the reasons I stayed in television so long. I enjoy taking a blank slate, transforming it into something beautiful. Hence, To BEad Continued. A handmade jewelry company that never duplicates but creates unique pieces and custom accessories.

So why should you support small businesses today and everyday? Simple: Legacy.  If you believe in creating a better future for the next generation, passing on wealth and not debt, financial freedom and self-esteem, then YES you should support small business.  Afterall, business ownership is really the American Dream not homeownership! 

My goal with running my small business is to support my small business; my children. My husband and I have a dream our children will be better off financially that we ever were.  They will never be consumed by the thought of owing anyone. Can you imagine how much freedom it would be pay cash for a car and use the extra money to bless your family, friends or even your church? Wow, the thought makes me giddy.

So if you already made your major purchases at the “Big” stores consider today picking up a few handmade items or go to a local store in your community and show your gratitude.  Remember that small business brings tourism into your community, employs people and offer a unique service.

The Mom entrepreneur offers the following tips for shopping small.
  • Take precautions with any purchase. See what the return policy is and whether or not there is any warranty.
  • Don’t assume something is better quality because it is handmade. There are varying levels of skill, so read reviews if possible.
  • Understand that other small business owners may be struggling with the economy, so pay in advance for a product being shipped to you.  
  • For today, don’t try to barter or negotiate. Pay what the merchant is asking for.  
  • Don’t buy something you don’t want or need, to support a friend. Be honest. (This is one of my personal favs)

Happy Shopping and Go Small Business!


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