Making Monday your Friend

28 Nov

Poor Guy

Whelp, time for Monday again!  You know it usual comes after Sunday?! Yet, for so many people Monday is the most dreaded day of the week.  It must really stink to be “Monday.”  You start off the week, your nickname is the Monday blah’s and most people curse you when you come around.  Poor, poor Monday.  I guess he does not have many friends either.  So sad.  I decided today to rally behind Manic Monday,  consider me his PR agent.  Instead of hating Monday for doing its job embrace it because Monday is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

So make it a “Moving Monday” kind of day,  make up your mind to have a good day no matter how great your weekend because Monday likes to feel appreciated too! So I have included some encouragement to help you beat the Monday blues.  Happy Monday!

In His Super Grace




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