Time for Some AUCTION

12 Jan

There is not much these days that doesn’t make me excited! I am so pumped about 2012. One of the things I am super excited about is my upcoming auction.  Besides being a wife, mama, blogger and everything else in between, I am also a jewelry designer.  I have made jewelry for years, starting To BEad Continued officially in 2006.  However, it was not really until last year I really started to run it like a business versus a hobby.  We specialize in designing jewelry in limited quantities so you can brag to your friends about your one of a kind find. 

This Friday night we are doing something really special and I promise you don’t want to miss this! We are having a live auction on our Facebook page.  This is our second time doing such an auction.  This first one was so much fun we decided to do it again and this time share the love with other small business owners.  Here is a rundown of the other businesses involved in the auction.

Saturday HanDBags: Features handmade totes, bags, coupon binders, organizers and more.  Jetahri De Belen, owner/designer has sewed since she was 14 years-old.  Why Saturday HanDBags?  Jetahri says she feels like Saturday is the best day out of the entire week! I would agree.

The Accessorized Woman: Features women’s scarves, fabric handbags and jewelry.  Tameka P. Marsh, owner/operator started T.A.W. out of her love for great finds at reasonable prices.  Check out The Accessorized Woman on Facebook.

So here’s the skinny on the auction.  If you want to take part of the action on Friday night, first we are asking you to do a few things.  Please go “Like” these shops Facebook page if you have not already done so. Leave the following comment on their page: new fan from@tobeadcontinued.  When you do please go to my Facebook page, To BEad Continued and leave a comment letting me know you have “Liked” both pages.  Of course, this is an honor system however, the shop owners would really appreciate the Facebook love!  Now you are ready to shop ’til you drop!

The auction begins Friday, January 13th at 8pm and ends Saturday, January 14th at 8pm on To BEad Continued’s Fan page on Facebook.  All items are in a photo album with specific instructions on bidding. It is a win-win! So get your game face on and get ready to have a good time.  Please share with friends as we really want to support these local small business women.

In His Super Grace,

Ro 🙂


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