Raising BOY

25 Jan

There are not many boys in our family. Matter of fact, especially on my side all the recent births were girls.  That was until my sister and I finally had a boy! Yeah, team blue! My son is 19 months now. He is very busy, curious, fun-loving and adventurous, really adventurous. Over this past year of raising him, he has taught me and my husband a lot about life.  This is a list of some of the things this tiny tot has taught me.  I hope this list brightens your day.  And if you have a little boy I would like to hear what you’ve learned.

1. Take a RISK: Sometime you just have to climb up on the couch and dive off the edge(even if it’s head first and your mommy is squealing and screaming “Get Down.”

2. Don’t Take No for an answer: When it is right keep asking and asking eventually you’ll wear them down or God’s favor will work on your behalf.

3. SMILE: It makes you look good and helps others.

4. Size doesn’t matter: The youngest and  smallest in the bunch does not mean anything but don’t let that stop you from rolling with the big Dawgs!

5. Finally: When people try to cage you in break out the box. (sidenote: This refers to my 19 month old breaking one of the bars on the crib through excessive kicking)

I could never truly prepare for mothering a “boy” however, the book by Dr. James Dobson, “Bringing up Boys” is a great resource. 

In His Super Grace



2 Responses to “Raising BOY”

  1. Crissie Miller Kirby February 5, 2012 at 10:25 pm #

    It’s a wonder after having one boy I would dare try for another child, and, as we know, wound up with, yet, another boy. Boys are gross – they love talking about pooping and farting and burping. But, yet, I don’t think that a little girl telling you that you look nice would EVER feel the same way it feels coming from your little boy. Boys can, and WILL, destroy every single thing you give to them, and pretty much every thing you don’t give to them. My heart warmed the other day when I asked Pierce if he wanted to pick out his clothes for school . . . his response was No, I’d rather you just tell me what to put on! Do you hear that from either of your girls?? 🙂 Little clothing/dress drama with boys. I vividly remember my disappointment during and immediately following those ultrasounds when I was told I was having boys . . . It was simply a process, a grieving of not having the little girl I’d dreamed of. Ask me today and I will tell you that I would not trade my boys for a million little girls. I’m sure girls are fine. However, God always knows best and he knew that I would need the simplicity that comes with a having boys . . . easy to dress, no hair to worry about (not really anyway), and the most wonderful, freely given cuddles imaginable. Your little man will exhaust you beyond belief, but he will be the very first one to want to curl up in your lap when you fall, exhausted, into the recliner. Boys and girls are different breeds, no doubt. But the joy they bring to a mommy’s heart can never be duplicated.

    • supermomdel February 6, 2012 at 3:20 am #

      Crissie! You bout have me in tears over here. Wow. Yes, I agree with you love my little boy even if I have to constantly make sure he is not “diving” off some objects but he brings so much joy to my life. Yes, he and his big sisters are so different but I enjoy seeing that in all of them. BTW, my girls do tell me I look nice but one usually tells me how I could make the outfit loook sooo much better 🙂 lol.

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