Who is Cheering You On?!

9 Feb

Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom Bah… This post is really not about that kind of cheering but rather who is pushing you with their kind words towards a goal.  As many of you know I have been on a health journey since last Thanksgiving.  Recently, I joined Weight Watchers and started working out at the YMCA.  One of the parents at my daughters school is a substitute instructor at the Y.  My new friend, we’ll call her “Beth” texted me earlier this week and told me about a 9:30am exercise class.  Of course she was going and invited me.    There is something you should know about “Beth”.  She really enjoys the gym.  When “Beth” is not working out she is working out at home, even running her driveway with her children.  I really admire her passion to eat and live healthier.  As you can imagine I was a bit apprehensive about exercising with a workout instructor.  Anyway, I ran into “Beth” at school and of course she asked if I would see her at the gym. I could not back out now, right?  Whelp, I made it to the gym about 8:15am after dropping my children off at school.  I briskly walked around the track as I waited for the Pilates class to begin.  I figured I can handle Pilates. Seriously how hard is stretching?  Well, about 45 minutes later I was “stretched out” on my mat.  My friend “Beth” took the class with one bounced up off the floor and was ready for the next class, the actually class she wanted me to take.  I decided to stick around and take the Heart C. Training class.  It’s a combination of cardio and weights.  It was a bit challenging but I really enjoyed it.  Seriously, I want to go back next week.  During class “Beth” checked on me, offering modifications and encouraging me to make sure to drink water.  After class I received a high-five from “Beth” and the instructor. 

I am so grateful for “Beth’s”  encouragement standing behind and pushing me (almost literally).  The support and kind words, the pat on the back and the high-five make it much more  bearable on days like this week when doing the “right” things seems so painfully wrong.  So I ask who is pushing you from behind towards your goal? or who are you pushing towards success? I am not sure if they told you yet but I am certainly grateful for “Beth” she has made my road to health a smoother ride.  Thank you!

In His Super Grace



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