13 Feb

a great inspiration! So proud of my fellow blog friend, Mary Pat!

Every Woman Blog

By:  Mary Pat Baldauf

I recently saw someone that I haven’t seen since I started losing weight. He isn’t someone I’m in touch with via Facebook or Twitter – usually just monthly conference calls – so he didn’t know that I’d adopted a healthier lifestyle and lost 85 lbs. After he recovered from the shock of seeing me, he wanted to know more. After my usual answer – gave up fast/processed food and started working out – I gave him the address of my blog, which follows my journey from start to present.

It turns out that he has an overweight sister, and he continued to ask questions so he could share my story with her. I’m not shy, and I love to talk about what I’ve been able to do in hopes of helping others. Beyond the basics, though, I sometimes find it hard to explain exactly how I…

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