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Raising BOY

25 Jan

There are not many boys in our family. Matter of fact, especially on my side all the recent births were girls.  That was until my sister and I finally had a boy! Yeah, team blue! My son is 19 months now. He is very busy, curious, fun-loving and adventurous, really adventurous. Over this past year of raising him, he has taught me and my husband a lot about life.  This is a list of some of the things this tiny tot has taught me.  I hope this list brightens your day.  And if you have a little boy I would like to hear what you’ve learned.

1. Take a RISK: Sometime you just have to climb up on the couch and dive off the edge(even if it’s head first and your mommy is squealing and screaming “Get Down.”

2. Don’t Take No for an answer: When it is right keep asking and asking eventually you’ll wear them down or God’s favor will work on your behalf.

3. SMILE: It makes you look good and helps others.

4. Size doesn’t matter: The youngest and  smallest in the bunch does not mean anything but don’t let that stop you from rolling with the big Dawgs!

5. Finally: When people try to cage you in break out the box. (sidenote: This refers to my 19 month old breaking one of the bars on the crib through excessive kicking)

I could never truly prepare for mothering a “boy” however, the book by Dr. James Dobson, “Bringing up Boys” is a great resource. 

In His Super Grace


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