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Dip Baby, Dip!

2 Dec

 Tis’ the season for holiday parties… And I think you would agree a holiday party is not complete without a good dip.  In this blog entry I have included my recipe for a super easy and super yummy spinach dip. I don’t know about you but store brought spinach dip is yucky. There I said it. But in this recipe you get the best of both worlds: spinach and cheese….ahh, cheese! Enjoy and may your holidays be delicious!  Oh by the way, you can use the “Fat Free” brand if you chose.

In His Super Grace



The original recipe calls for spinach, green beans and asparagus.  I told you this was healthy!  But today we will use Frozen Spinach (see below), you can use canned or fresh. I just get the frozen spinach because at my neighborhood Food Lion it’s $.99. 8oz. of sour cream, a can of asparagus tips, again you can use frozen or fresh, Shredded mozzarella and parmesan cheese

First, set your oven on 350 degrees.

Thaw out your frozen spinach, drain extra water. You want spinach dry.   Then add a can of asparagus.

The Mix: Spinach & Asparagus

Grab a spoon, mix in the 8 ounce of sour cream until it is a creamy, add in a dash of pepper, salt and red pepper(not too much)

Now here comes the fun part, THE CHEESE!!! I purchased the 4 blend Italian cheese. You can use shredded mozzarella and powder parmesan, however I like purchasing this because its affordable and I just like how it bakes with real cheese and now the powdered cheese. I put in a handful of cheese, or 1 cup(for those of you who need measurements). Take your spoon and mix in the cheese then sprinkle more cheese on the top(however much you desire). 

Cook for about 30-45 minutes until golden brown on the top, stir once so the cheese will blend in and not just coating the top.

Viola! Serve with tortilla or pita chips!

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