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7 May

A show of hands, has anyone else noticed that losing weight is not easy?  How about when you are over 30?  It is like my metabolism is staging a boycott yelling..”Heck no, We won’t go!”.  I have been on my wealth of health journey since last Thanksgiving.  By now I want the numbers on the scale to say less but the “fat” is slooooowly coming off. And I do mean slow. It’s frustrating.  At times, you almost feel like giving up. My self talk: I could try some quick fad diet and lose record weight in little to no time but what would that do?  For me, taking me right back in the place of never really learning the act of discipline.  If you are a parent isn’t this what we attempt to convey to our children.  No shortcuts, no easy routes, do it right the first time, give it all you’ve got!  Yep, as a mother of three children under the age of 6 years old. I had to swallow my pill today of “easy.”

Two weeks ago was a tough one.  I had an emotional charged situation and instead of expressing how I felt I turned to my old faithful companion:Food. I binged for two days as I processed what I had to deal with.  The hard reality after seven months of doing it “right” I went  back to my old habits.  I was disgusted with myself.  And I could feel it that Monday at the gym.  I felt alone. mad. sad. defeated.  I knew in that moment how a drug addict felt.  I did what I only knew how to do. I prayed. Yes, I prayed about my lack of discipline.  I had to put it on the altar so God could consume my issues with food.  I am encouraged to know God answers when His daughter calls.

In my time I learned a few things: I am not looking for a quick fix.  This is my way of life.  I have gone from never exercising to having a regular workout regime.  It will take time for my body and mind to get use to that.  I need accountability.  I can no longer be the lone ranger.  Just as a new believer in Christ I allowed people to teach, direct and hold me to the fire, I must have that same attitude in this “new” life.  And lastly, I have to renew my mind to food, exercise and my overall health.

My first step was to reach out to my workout partner “Beth” especially when I feel like down a whole case of Oreo cookies.  This is a huge step for me.  I am use to “taking care” of everything for everyone.  To admit I may need some help especially to someone who I am still getting to know made me vulnerable.  I need accountability.  I also decided to speak with someone about nutrition.  I can’t doing all this work and “eating” it back up. And finally, I decided to share my fitness goals with you. I am a transparent person, at least I would like to think so but the following let’s the world know what’s in my heart. (deep breath, so here it is goes)

  • lose 45 pounds
  • better relationship with food and money(will explain later)
  • run/walk in a 5k( a walk or run)
  • mud run (I know I have lofty goals)
  • learn how to swim this summer
  • wear a bathing suit
  • build endurance
  • stick with it

I am so grateful to all of you who send words of encouragement.  Please know I do not take it lightly.  Your encouragement has been the push I needed many days.  Along with the support of “Beth”, family and friends. I can say I am a blessed woman.  There are some “haters” but they only drive me not to quit.  My faith in Christ has been a great asset on those days when encouragement may seem far and few between.  Here are the two scriptures I am quoting this week.  I especially was saying the first during my first ever 6 mile walk/run last week.

But the one who endures to the end will be saved.  Matthew 24:13 NLT

We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.

Hebrews 6:12 NIV


The Unfriendly World of Facebook

27 Feb

Let’s face the facts, it can be a cruel and rather lonely in the world of social media.   In 421 characters or less you can get on your soapbox , becoming a “preacher” of sorts to an online congregation.   People type in that little status box, hit the share button without even thinking twice.  Afterall, it is our opinion, right?  Well, I have heard it said best, “Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one.”  Most recently, a friend of mine left the “happy” world of Facebook.  Her reason: it was toxic.  How can that be? It’s not like your status update is not being shared with people you know, these folks are your friends, right?  Well, not really.  Especially if you are going against the dominating thought of the person who posted or commented in that little blue box.  On more than one occasion, I’ve heard the stories of people being “unfriended” by relatives or long time friends because of a difference in belly buttons, I mean opinions.  Most recently, a friend of a friend called me “a fool and ignorant”  because of a comment I made about a politically charged situation.  Even as I write this, I have thought about saying farewell to my list of one thousand “friends” due to the negativity and down right silliness of it all.  Then I thought, wait, I knew how these people were before I accepted their friend request.  It should come as no surprise to their lack of dissection, character and so on. I allowed them to enter into my world.   I have experienced people break-up, make-up, fall-out, and air-out(their dirty laundry) all in the sake of a “status update.”  I can tell you now most of those people were “unfriended.” 

However, not everything is bad out here in Facebook land.  For example, on my wall I solicited prayer requests.  Emails from friend flooded my inbox.  Ah, yes, this was a good day as the Lord gave me the opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ. Facebook has also given me the chance to stay connected with my family in the West Indies without picking up the phone. Yes, I think we can all name at least one good which has come out of being on social media.

Another one of those things are boundaries.  I have found it pertinent in this social media realm to set “rules” of sort to deal with people who really try to “test” my Jesus.  Here are my rules:

  1. Pick your battles:  Before posting, I ask myself the following: Do I need to respond to this post? Often times you have to consider the source, the person who posted.  Are they attention seeking, trouble makers or ignorant.
  2. Hide and Seek:  There is a cool option Facebook offers where you can hide a person’s post.  If you are passionate about certain issues and to see a certain person’s comments cause your angst, right-click and Hide the comment.
  3. Avoid, Avoid and Avoid: I have decided when a political debate, celebrity death or any other big news story is happening, I avoid Facebook.  NO matter, how tempting I do.not.log.on!
  4. Consider the Friendship:  I take full responsibility for the people I call my “friends”.  I hit the “confirm” button so I must take total responsibility.  Earlier this year, I had to “unfriend” a relative after some rather vulgar posts. I decided I could not just hide her post, she had to go altogether. I don’t use profanity, tell dirty jokes, and the alike and I will not tolerate it in my news feed. 

Ultimately, we must have a belief system and  never compromise it.  Since implementing I have been less stressed.  Now there are some things I rather do without, however, when someone breaks the rules, I am not afraid to stand up and speak.  After all, this is my space and I have a right to protect it. 

Let’s hear from you.   Do you have any recommendations to handle the varies personalities of  Facebook? Please share.

In His Super Grace


Who is Cheering You On?!

9 Feb

Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom Bah… This post is really not about that kind of cheering but rather who is pushing you with their kind words towards a goal.  As many of you know I have been on a health journey since last Thanksgiving.  Recently, I joined Weight Watchers and started working out at the YMCA.  One of the parents at my daughters school is a substitute instructor at the Y.  My new friend, we’ll call her “Beth” texted me earlier this week and told me about a 9:30am exercise class.  Of course she was going and invited me.    There is something you should know about “Beth”.  She really enjoys the gym.  When “Beth” is not working out she is working out at home, even running her driveway with her children.  I really admire her passion to eat and live healthier.  As you can imagine I was a bit apprehensive about exercising with a workout instructor.  Anyway, I ran into “Beth” at school and of course she asked if I would see her at the gym. I could not back out now, right?  Whelp, I made it to the gym about 8:15am after dropping my children off at school.  I briskly walked around the track as I waited for the Pilates class to begin.  I figured I can handle Pilates. Seriously how hard is stretching?  Well, about 45 minutes later I was “stretched out” on my mat.  My friend “Beth” took the class with one bounced up off the floor and was ready for the next class, the actually class she wanted me to take.  I decided to stick around and take the Heart C. Training class.  It’s a combination of cardio and weights.  It was a bit challenging but I really enjoyed it.  Seriously, I want to go back next week.  During class “Beth” checked on me, offering modifications and encouraging me to make sure to drink water.  After class I received a high-five from “Beth” and the instructor. 

I am so grateful for “Beth’s”  encouragement standing behind and pushing me (almost literally).  The support and kind words, the pat on the back and the high-five make it much more  bearable on days like this week when doing the “right” things seems so painfully wrong.  So I ask who is pushing you from behind towards your goal? or who are you pushing towards success? I am not sure if they told you yet but I am certainly grateful for “Beth” she has made my road to health a smoother ride.  Thank you!

In His Super Grace


Making Monday your Friend

28 Nov

Poor Guy

Whelp, time for Monday again!  You know it usual comes after Sunday?! Yet, for so many people Monday is the most dreaded day of the week.  It must really stink to be “Monday.”  You start off the week, your nickname is the Monday blah’s and most people curse you when you come around.  Poor, poor Monday.  I guess he does not have many friends either.  So sad.  I decided today to rally behind Manic Monday,  consider me his PR agent.  Instead of hating Monday for doing its job embrace it because Monday is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

So make it a “Moving Monday” kind of day,  make up your mind to have a good day no matter how great your weekend because Monday likes to feel appreciated too! So I have included some encouragement to help you beat the Monday blues.  Happy Monday!

In His Super Grace



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