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Freestyle Friday: The Princess Room

20 Jan

Every Friday(fingers crossed) I plan to post creative craft ideas done in a weekend.  Today’s post is one I am very excited and yes, Mama proud of.  For Christmas my 5 and 4-year-olds got their own room.  They affectionately call it the “Princess room.” You will see why in a moment.  At first, I had planned on doing a garden themed room however my 5-year-old changed my mind.  My husband and I are making it a priority to teach our girls they are “princesses” in the Lord’s royal court.  We want them to know just how special they are to God, us and the world.  We believe when we do this they will never compromise because they know who they are.  Thus, this is what led us do doing a “Princess” themed room.  My 5-year-old and I were talking one night. I asked her who she was. i was expecting for her to say her name, but instead she said “I am a princess.” I was on a major budget(as usual) with this project.  But with Christ as Lord over my shopping we pulled off a great room makeover, the girls love and happily show off to visitors to our home. Here are a few of my favorite things about this project:

Paint It: I painted the room in a peachy pink and mint green color.  I am so happy about the peachy paint stowed away at my parents home in my Dad’s workshop.  The mint green paint, used in the background of the built-in shelves cost just $3 bucks! Hallelujah! Tip: When shopping for paint check the paint clearance section at your local hardware/home improvement store.

Masterpieces on Display:  I purchased these wood blocks from Michaels  and covered them in princess themed scrapbook paper with a clothespins attached, so the girls can hang up artwork. I got the idea from Little Miss Momma’s Blog. This is so easy and super cheap to do!

 Ballerina Princess:  Every little girl wants to be a ballerina, right? I scored this from Hobby Lobby for less than $6. It has a crack in it and talked the manager into giving me an extra discount.  It may not completely match the colors of the room but nonetheless it adds a little pop to the decor.

Yes, You can write on the wall: I am so into chalkboard paint. I blame Pinterest! I have seen so many cool chalkboard projects. I purchased a can of chalkboard paint from Lowe’s for about $13. I did not want to do the classic square but several different shapes. I think we will add more.

Switching things Up!: I decorated all the visible outlet covers with “princess” themed scrapbook paper. I had a good bit left over from the previous project. I posted step by step instructions here.

On Display: Overall what I love about this room are the shelves which can with the house when we purchased.

And finally at the built-in desk around the trim I placed these wall decal Princesses. Mt daughters were so delighted about this find from the dollar tree, yes I said the dollar tree!

So what do you think? Did I do a good job?

In His Super Grace



Revamped Light Switch Cover

16 Dec

There are a few things in life I really enjoy: a good book, laughs, time with family, unexpected mail and a completed to-do-list. But there is one thing you can add to that list: Mod Podge.  To me its liquid, creamy goodness. I try to find ways to use they stuff. For those who never heard of Mod Podge, shame on you! Just kidding. But here is a quick definition per the makers of Mod Podge, Plaid Enterprises.

Mod Podge is an acid-free brand of glue produced by Plaid.  The company describes it as “the original all-in-one glue, sealer and finish.” It can be used to both glue something down and as a protective layer over it, instead of a varnish. Mod Podge comes in a gloss, satin, or matte finish.   The name was derived by its creator, Jan Wetstone, from the terms “modern decoupage”.

Genius, I know!  Well, as a big present for our girls we are giving them a princess themed bedroom.  We painted the room pink, of course and there are lots of frills and girlie things.  When I was painting I did not use painters tape to make off the wall switches, honestly, I never do, don’t judge me. lol. Instead of buying new light covers to fit our “royal court” I decided to be creative.  Here is a look at what I did.

 The ever so sad light switch. Look at it folks just begging for a facelift.

 These are the materials we will use, all can be purchased at any local craft store. (Mod Podge Gloss, Mod Podge roller(can usually find in a kit), Tacky Glue, Foam brush, a pair of Scissors)    

 First, look at your scrapbook paper in comparison to the holes in the switch cover.  For example, I was going to use the section “my prince” but when I cut out the middle for the sockets half the words would be missing.  I chose one where I could still make out the words, this of course is not a concern when you are using scrapbook paper without words.


From "tacky" to "classy"

 You want to take your Tacky glue, which you can find at any local craft store and put a fair amount, not too much but a liberal amount on the light switch panel itself.  You then will take your foam brush and spread it out evenly.
 Start layering the scrapbook paper on top of the glue.  Again, because I am using scrapbook paper with words, I was able to cut my paper in sections.  Add however much paper you think you may need to cover the entire switch plate.
Mod Podge has this roller “thingy” which I enjoy using.  This helps smooth out the rough patches, making sure the paper is flat to the surface. I think it is worth the investment!
I folded my paper over in order to trim off the excess.
 Again, I am just layering the paper, lining it up, making sure the area is completely covered even down to the edges.


My favorite part: Mod Podge. Take a foam brush and generously sweep back and forth on the scrapbook paper. Do not soak it down with the glue but give it a liberal amount. Cover every area where you have scrapbook paper. This will further bind and harden the paper.

The Mod Podge acts like a glue, also giving it a shine! Let it drive for at least 10-15 minutes.  Make sure it is not wet anywhere before moving on to the next step.

 Once dry, take an ecko knife and cut out the holes where the outlets would go. I also punched a slight hole in the middle for the screw.
In the words of Salt and Pepper… “Push it!” Take your thumb and push out the middle. It should fall right out. Side note: I was actually thinking what could I could I make with the cutouts. I know, right? And then I said, ” Ro, just throw them away.”
Bam! Even the sockets are happy! No more boring light switch plates anymore…a dream come true…and they lived happily ever after!
In His Super Grace
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