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A Great Dye Job

11 Apr

My Fashionista friend, Chanel over at Hip Candy gave an old jacket a splash of color. I really like this project for some many reasons, the idea of breathing new life in an item already in your closet, how easy it looks and how budget friendly it is to do. Check out Chanel’s buzz worthy jacket in my favorite color, which is also the HIP color of the season: Yellow.¬† And no worries, there is a link below withy instructions on how you too can live in color! PS. I am digging through my closet now for an old jacket. ūüôā

In His Super Grace


I’ve owned this tan, cotton Old Navy jacket for a few years now, and it’s been a dependable and sturdy companion to wear with jeans, shorts or flowy summer dresses. It wasn’t until recently that I had another light bulb moment in thinking that I could make this jacket more current by adding a splash of bright color, and below are my results! I was quite pleased with them. More pics on my Instagram…¬† you can follow me if you feel so inclined, and the process I followed to dye my jacket is HERE (I did the washing machine method)
23 Feb

So overjoyed for my friend and fellow blogger Staci Rutherford. She stepped out of the familiar so can you. What do you need to make some forward steps in? Let her story inspire you!

Every Woman Blog

By:  Staci Rutherford

‚ÄúLife begins at the end of your comfort zone.‚ÄĚ ~ Neale Donald Walsch

I found this quote months ago and it made me stop and think about where I am in my life, and where I want to be.  I have many goals that I want to accomplish, but often struggle with determining what to do first.  My time management and procrastination issues often leave me wondering how I will get it all done.  I follow a group of bloggers who are my source of motivation, because they are living a life doing what they love.  I have already established my love of handbags, and nothing would make me happier than turning my passion into a profitable business and life-long career.  Since my last post, I finally made the first move.

Before I share my exciting news, I must acknowledge two dynamic women who have come into…

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These “Sneaks” Are Made for Walking

16 Feb

It’s official. I am one of “those” people at the gym.¬† You’ve seen them.¬† They are the ones with matching shorts and shirt, clean crisp towel, gym bag in hand ¬†and of course the footwear… Ah, yes, they are the ones with the extra fancy, super-duper supportive sneakers.¬† I have said this time around since I am serious about my workout I would become one of “those” people. My husband surprised me this weekend with a pair¬†of Fuchsia¬†and Black Reeboks.¬† They are so FLY! (By the way, does anyone say FLY anymore? lol.)¬† I was telling him after my workout last week how I was in desperate need of a new pair of sneakers.¬† On Friday night after our “date” night with the kiddos, he surprised me with a shoe box on my dresser. On another note: we have started this “friendly” competition of seeing who can outdo the other, he has won for now but oh wait until my Valentine’s Day surprise.)¬†

These sneakers are going to come in handy since I have worn a pair of¬†old, tired Nike’s and¬† Curves sneakers that really don’t have much traction.¬† I am not a sneaker girl.¬†¬†In fact, I really don’t know how to buy sneakers.¬† Ever since I can remember I have always loved heels. I remember the day it happened. I was watching Three’s company with my mother and Crissy came walking out in¬†cork wedged heels¬†and shorts. I kept looking and thinking how much I admired how long and lean she looked and how beautiful those heels looked.¬† And the rest is history.¬† I can buy heels like you wouldn’t believe but when it comes to casual shoes like sneakers I am totally sneaker illiterate.¬† Thank God for my husband.¬† Today’s workout was much better since having my new footwear.¬† The only problem is breaking them in.¬† During my first cardio class the sneakers and I were doing a Tango.¬† Both trying to figure out who was in the lead.¬† By the time I got to Zumba¬†class we both were on the same page.¬†¬† Apparently, having the right shoes is essential to any workout. Check out this story, WIS-News 10, a local¬†television station did about having the “right” running shoes.¬† Running (sigh) something I hope to do one day.

Zero to 5K: On the importance of footwear

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