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The Best things in life are FREE!

9 May

A show of hands, how many you of you like Free stuff?  I know this momma certainly does.  I am not one of those extreme coupon types, at least not yet.  However, after a working mama shared with me how she cut her grocery bill of $242 down to about $12. Yep, I’m sold.  She also told me we should not pay for toilet paper nor paper towels.  Say what? According to her, toilet paper should be Free, nada, zilch.  That sounds great seeing my children go through toilet paper in our house like it is FREE.  Speaking of Free… Let’s get to the topic at hand.

I am one of those women who tries things out first before recommending it to others.  You can be assured the links I give below are trustworthy.  Many of my freebies comes from blogs in which I have become Facebook fans with.  My first deal was a one year subscription to ESPN for my husband for about $4.  Next, I scored FREE paint from ACE hardware when they were giving away paint every Saturday during the month of March.  My first quart of yellow paint (my favorite color) called Sunshine actually covered my whole laundry room. Whoohoo!  But that is not it.  Recently, my husband and I were able to enjoy an Artisan pizza from Domino’s for you guessed it, FREE.  And to work out that pizza I earned a FREE stability ball from FITstudio by just signing up for fitness news via email.

However, there is more, Yes, so much more.  I received this beauty in the mail last week.  A FREE beauty bag of cosmetics, skin care and hair products from Target.  To get it all I had to do was “like” Target on Facebook when they were offering a sign up for the beauty bag giveaway.  I hear they do this giveaway ever so often so keep checking back on their Facebook page.

And look at this! A  box of goodies from Valspar Paint.  The company was giving away certain amounts of free paint of any color choice to online Facebook fans.  The gift box features a small can of paint, paint roller/pan and coupons to use in the future.

I can not begin to tell you how euphoric it is to get something really good for FREE.  I want to share the joy with you my friends.  Below I have a list of sites, I follow either via Facebook or blog for daily super deals.  Again, these are sites I am familiar with and have used with no problems.  If you get a really good deal or snag a Fun FREE item let me know, won’t you?

Have a fabulous time!


Here are the sites for FREE stuff:


The site touts you can find freebies, coupons and more!


On this Facebook page you can freebies, coupons, how-to’s, etc.


Jen says she can save you $54.79 or more daily.


Living large on a limited budget; Sweet who couldn’t use that!


What’s In A Name

16 Apr

Hey, there gorgeous!

Today, someone called me the wrong name. It happens often.  When you have a name that is not “common” people have a tendency to well make up one for you.  My name is Roshanda, which I pronounce as Ro-shon-da.  It probably should be pronounced Ro-shan-da however, I do not like that pronunciation, and I never have, it sounds pretentious to me.  My mother and father were expecting a boy; Lo and behold they got another girl! As the name story goes, my mother says she was reading “Jet” Magazine a weekly magazine targeted toward African-American readers, founded in 1951 according to Wikipedia. My mom says she saw some person in the magazine with the name “Roshanda,” she thought it was different and decided to go with that one.  Hence, I was named Roshanda.  Now, for anyone who has ever read “Jet” each issue includes the beauty of the week. When I tell the story on how my name came to be, I say, I was named after the beauty of the week.

Growing up I never liked my name much.  Seriously, what is a “Roshanda?” I was the only one in my class surrounded by an abundance of “Jennifer’s.”  By the way, Jennifer was a popular name in the 70’s. Matter of fact, my five imaginary friends were all named, you guessed it, Jennifer.  My uncommon name hang-ups weren’t just at school, but when I got home too.  My older sister is named Lisa. Yes, you heard correctly, Lisa. My sister, like most, would torment me with the story about being adopted since my name was not as common as hers. (Evil sister!)

Seriously, what’s a name anyway?  In a day when people name their children after fruit, a color in the crayon box, or even just make it up what’s the big deal?  Well, a lot.  When I decided to have my own children a lot of thought went into the name.  I thought about it all. I said the name, I screamed the name, and I imagined what it would look like on a graduation program and how the initials would look on a monogrammed tote.  I may have been a little obsessive, but I know what it is like to have an unusual name.  My husband and I really wanted names that connected with our faith in Christ.  So when it came to our daughters name we prayed and hence the name: Jael Kaelyn.  Jael is a Hebrew named pronounced (Yah-el).  I like the Hebrew pronunciation, but knew people would not get that right.  So we call her (Jah-el). Her whole name means: strength of God delivered.  And I can testify He certainly has! All of our children have significance in their name.  The reason is simply in the Bible people named their children based upon where they were going or where they left.  There is power in a name.  I believe what we name our children has a great significance on who they will later become.

How about you? Do you like your name? If you could change it, what would you change it to and why?


In His Super Grace


23 Feb

So overjoyed for my friend and fellow blogger Staci Rutherford. She stepped out of the familiar so can you. What do you need to make some forward steps in? Let her story inspire you!

Every Woman Blog

By:  Staci Rutherford

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

I found this quote months ago and it made me stop and think about where I am in my life, and where I want to be.  I have many goals that I want to accomplish, but often struggle with determining what to do first.  My time management and procrastination issues often leave me wondering how I will get it all done.  I follow a group of bloggers who are my source of motivation, because they are living a life doing what they love.  I have already established my love of handbags, and nothing would make me happier than turning my passion into a profitable business and life-long career.  Since my last post, I finally made the first move.

Before I share my exciting news, I must acknowledge two dynamic women who have come into…

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Made with Love: The Procrastinator’s Edition

13 Feb

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow as if you did not already know.  If you have children they have probably been reminding you since last Monday.  This weekend I decided to start avoiding and start doing.  So here are a few easy Valentine ideas you can do in an hour or less.  Happy Valentine’s Day! And as a dear friend would say, “I love you, but God loves you so much more!”

In His Super Grace


First, something cute to carry all those Valentine’s home.  I found this at the Dollar Tree.  Yes, for $1, you get the box and stickers.  Of course, we added glitter(everything is better when it SPARKLES!) and added a handle so my girls can carry it like a tote. I found this ribbon wrapped around some wash clothes I purchased at Wal-Mart.  Total cost: $2(includes .99 red glitter)

Next, something pretty to wear on the day of L.O.V.E.  Have I told you how much I love glitter?  I really am a girly girl. Well, I wanted my girls to wear a cute Valentine theme shirt but really wanted it centered around Christ.  So when I could not find it, I made it.

Here is the step by step process.

I pinned my shirt down with paper clips to a cardboard. This is to make sure the shirt is smooth and does not pucker. I used a cookie cutter to trace my heart with a pencil. (I washed it before putting it back in the drawer 🙂 )

I then traced the outline of my heart with Aleen’s Tacky glue, then sprinkle red glitter over the glue.  Tacky glue does not take long to dry, shake off.   I used a ruler to draw a straight line and wrote the word “Loved” with Tacky glue and covered the area in  glitter.  I added the scripture John 3:16 in royal blue glitter under and viola! Now get this, I purchased the kids t-shirts at….wait for it, wait for it… at the Dollar Tree.  My 5 and 4 year-old are super excited to wear these on Valentine’s day!  Total cost: $1 (see below for a version in black)

Second version made with "heart" filled with glitter

I used Mod Podge on the inside of the heart, then added glitter

Finished Design

Finished Design

Now to making those class Valentine’s.  I subscribe to a lot of craft blogs by Moms.  There are so many really cool ideas.  Here is one from Blonde Designs Blog.  When you click on the link you are given a template to make lips and moustache which you attach to lollipops.  I am totally making these for my daughter’s class.  

And Finally, what about the teacher? She deserves some love too, don’t you think?  Valentine’s Day would not be complete without those faithful Conversation hearts.  I grabbed a bag from the Dollar Tree, picked out a few, added about two coats of Just pick of Mod Podge on both sides.  Once dried, take a magnet, which you can find at Michaels, add tacky glue and stick it.  I even took some extra clothes pins, added some red glitter and made those into magnets too!  Super cute!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who is Cheering You On?!

9 Feb

Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom Bah… This post is really not about that kind of cheering but rather who is pushing you with their kind words towards a goal.  As many of you know I have been on a health journey since last Thanksgiving.  Recently, I joined Weight Watchers and started working out at the YMCA.  One of the parents at my daughters school is a substitute instructor at the Y.  My new friend, we’ll call her “Beth” texted me earlier this week and told me about a 9:30am exercise class.  Of course she was going and invited me.    There is something you should know about “Beth”.  She really enjoys the gym.  When “Beth” is not working out she is working out at home, even running her driveway with her children.  I really admire her passion to eat and live healthier.  As you can imagine I was a bit apprehensive about exercising with a workout instructor.  Anyway, I ran into “Beth” at school and of course she asked if I would see her at the gym. I could not back out now, right?  Whelp, I made it to the gym about 8:15am after dropping my children off at school.  I briskly walked around the track as I waited for the Pilates class to begin.  I figured I can handle Pilates. Seriously how hard is stretching?  Well, about 45 minutes later I was “stretched out” on my mat.  My friend “Beth” took the class with one bounced up off the floor and was ready for the next class, the actually class she wanted me to take.  I decided to stick around and take the Heart C. Training class.  It’s a combination of cardio and weights.  It was a bit challenging but I really enjoyed it.  Seriously, I want to go back next week.  During class “Beth” checked on me, offering modifications and encouraging me to make sure to drink water.  After class I received a high-five from “Beth” and the instructor. 

I am so grateful for “Beth’s”  encouragement standing behind and pushing me (almost literally).  The support and kind words, the pat on the back and the high-five make it much more  bearable on days like this week when doing the “right” things seems so painfully wrong.  So I ask who is pushing you from behind towards your goal? or who are you pushing towards success? I am not sure if they told you yet but I am certainly grateful for “Beth” she has made my road to health a smoother ride.  Thank you!

In His Super Grace


7 Feb

Find Your “Happy” Place… it could save your life!

Every Woman Blog

By: Roshanda Pratt

Here is a question, Do you know what brings you joy? You know the thing that brings you the greatest peace, allows you to breathe and fills a place of purpose in your life.  Since 7 years old I have had a great interest in anything involving creativity.  As a young child my mother purchased me a sewing machine.  I remember her coming home one day with a box of scraps from her friend who worked in a fabric factory.  Needless to say my Barbie was the most well dressed doll in the neighborhood.  I loved working with crafts.  The creative process helps me to say “Ahh!!!”

Then life happened…I grew up, started a professional career and left behind my “happy” place.  I finally returned when I realized once again my busy lifestyle and hectic job was sucking the life out of me.  I needed to say…

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Dropping LBS?!?!

5 Feb

  Say what? I actually got on the scale and I lost 2 lbs! I jumped off and got back again and sure enough I had lost 2 lbs. Go me, Go me, Go me!  It’s a small start but it was the encouragement I needed. Since I started this journey I have lost a total of 7 lbs.   This weight loss was the encouragement I needed after doing a radical change in my eating habits.  My goal: drop 45 lbs. So just 38 more to go. What’s my current weight you ask? You would want to know… but I am not ready to bare all just yet.  Umm, maybe one day(wink, wink).  I want to say thank you so much to all of you for the sweet comments, recipes and encouragement, this girl needs it.  It helps me to know people are counting on me when I have days when I want to eat that whole sleeve of Oreo cookies(or trust me, I can do it!).

So for all of you are on the journey to health and thinking about giving up… YOU.BETTA.NOT. Here is some encouragement I found on Pinterest and looking around on google, enjoy!

In His Super Grace(Your workout partner)


Freestyle Friday: Crafting with Purpose

3 Feb
Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” Reverend  Dr. Martin Luther King

Each Friday, I usually post an easy weekend craft project.  This week I am doing something a bit different in hopes that will prompt all my crafty friends to use your gifts to spark creativity while helping women in their next journey of life.  Earlier, this week I shared my love of jewelry making with a dynamic group of women.  The class consisted of 3 women, 1 teenager and a nine year-old girl, all of which whom live in a Transitional women’s shelter about 25 minutes from my home.  I did not know what to expect, I had thoughts about what these women may have gone through.  Honestly, I had prepared myself for the worst but it was nothing how I had imagined.  These women were jovial, optimistic, fun and want to make their own way!  There is no sign of pity, rather the complete opposite that room was full of hope!

I thought the group the basic techniques to make a simple pair of earrings…but three pairs later we were swapping stories, giggling and talking about the gifts God gives us.  At the end of the night the women asked me to come back, next time showing them how to make bracelets or necklaces.   We had a great time.  However, the greatest part of the night for me was sharing how important each woman is to God, His plan for their life and the gifts He has placed inside them.

The Reverend Dr. King  asked an important question, “What are you doing for others?”  I ask you that same question as well. What are you doing to make someone’s life better?  Many times we think that means giving money, clothes, cars or the alike.  But giving of our time one of the most valuable assets can serve as a greater gift. So if you are a crafter why not take some time out of designing and share your gift with the world, you’ll be better for it.

Here are some pictures from this week’s craft time with the women.  Special shout-out to Arts and Crafts store Michaels of Sumter, SC for donating the supplies.  It is so awesome to have corporate businesses that are also community partners. THANK YOU Michaels!

The supplies from Michaels


Ms. Toni(r) employee at the shelter and "Den Mother" of the group


The Finished Product Part 1

Finished Product Part 2

Finished Product Part 3

In His Super Grace


Freestyle Friday: Hair it is…

27 Jan

Time to get crafty! Here at SuperMOMdel world headquarters we are always trying out new things and even looking at things already done to see how we can make it.  They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, all the rage now are hair accessories. I love it. I cut my hair short last year and really enjoy hair pins and head bands.  Most, recently someone very dear to me went au naturel .  I wanted to make her something real nice to celebrate her transition from relaxed hair.

Here is what you need. I found at Michaels these hair pins that had a hallow center where I could add my design. I picked up two different kinds of scrapbook paper so she would have variety, I also put some gemstones, although I never used them, scissors, a pencil and my new favorite thing: Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.

Next, take a plain piece of paper, take the well of the hair clip, trace the center, then cut it out as a model.

Now, pick out your scrapbook paper. I always pick up extra from Michaels when the paper is 5 for 1 buck.  I also had some computer paper that had a really cute border. I took my oval and traced it on the part of the paper which had the most color.

Then it was time for the glue! I used super glue, just a dab with do. You don’t want to use too much that caused the glue to seep through the paper. Another option you can affix the paper to a small piece of cardboard and attach to the inside of the hair clip.

I love shiny things! My dear friend not so much. but I figured just a lil’ bling (flat back crystal stones by Jolee).  When using Dimensional Magic it is VERY important you make sure to have your item on a level surface. I used some sticky notes, clever right?  Here are some other things to keep in mind as well. Make sure NOT to shake the bottle. You do not want air bubbles in your finished product because it will dry that way.  If you find some air bubbles anyway, make sure to pop them. Also, make sure to have the correct room temperature to prevent cracks. 

And finally, my favorite part add Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. Plaid the company which makes this neat product says Dimensional Magic creates faux mosaic, quilt and other textures with added dimension.  It takes about 24 hours to dry.  Once dried take a damp cloth, wipe off project to give a clear shine! My friend Amy from Mod Podge Rocks recommends if after drying you see dips in your project it is okay to add more Dimensional Magic to the area.

There you have it. Will you try it? 

By the way, when I gave my dear friend her new hair pins… she was happy and told me she has to hide them from her daughter.

In His Super Grace





The Balancing Act

17 Jan

Happy New Year!  I am throwing the word “balance” out of my vocabulary in 2012. Why? It does not exist.  For years, as long as I can remember I have been trying to find a “perfect balance” or “equality” in my life and I have finally discovered it won’t work for me.  Now, I will probably have some people disagree, and this is your right however, let me outline my case.  I am a wife, mother of three young children, a ministry leader, business owner, blogger and the list goes on.  As you can imagine, my days start rather early and end rather late.

For the past year, since our youngest child was born I have been trying to “even” out the scales of my life.  I have had dear friends who are very concerned tell me I need to find “balance.”  Well what does that exactly look like?  The other day I was talking to a dear friend who has three young children, a business and a husband in ministry who seems to have her day programmed like clockwork.  Each time we speak, she would tell me how “balanced” her life is.  Usually, at the end of the conversation, I would ask myself: “What am I missing?”  How does it seem like one end of my life is like a see saw, one end really high and the other stuck in the dirt!?  Recently, I have been thinking about “balance.”   Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word as the following:

“A state of equilibrium, to equal or equalize in weight, weigh, to bring or come to a state or position of balance.”

So it is safe to imply the word balance implies all things equal. But can this really be possible in life? Here is my case study:  As a wife/mother my children rely on me often than they do daddy. It is just natural. I am not sure how it is in your house.  But my children will bypass Daddy who is in the kitchen and ask me for something to drink. Really?  Honestly, this really makes me mad. However, no matter how I try to explain it to those to ask Daddy, I still hear my name being shouted from across the house.  Now that is unfair.  But at the same time, I as the nurturing one, these children somehow associate me with juice.  So where is the balance in that? How about getting up in the middle of the night to nurse, deal with baby puke, etc, etc, etc.  Please understand I am not minimizing my husband’s role, but more often than not the children are yelling my name or crying for me.

I have learned it is not “balance” I am seeking or should be seeking but rather “PRIORITY.” What is important, and pursue that.  This thought has really taking a lot of pressure off me.  So now I think in terms of “priority” and not in terms of “balance.”  Family time, times with God and in prayer, times to create, times with friends and time to be alone in complete stillness are all priorities and for me to try to put it in balance minimizes or reduces the significant of each task.  For example, my time with my family cannot compare to my personal time where I am creating.  And for me to try to make them equal on both ends seems really unequal.  So on the days I really rather be in my bead/craft room making beautiful things for hours, priority says “No!” go spend time with your family.  When I want to spend hours on my laptop priority says “Unplug, spend time with your husband.”

So in 2012, I am starting a revolution of sorts to ban “balance” from my life and rather seek a life of priority that is out of balance.  Will you join me on this new found adventure of Freedom?

In His Super Grace


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